A high difficulty SMP server for serious players

Server Address: mc.popupmc.com

What is this?

A casual, laid back, & fun pure smp server for serious players who want a good plain vanilla survival experience lightly enhanced with some mods.

This is a survival server with high difficulty. The worlds and player data are never reset.

Read the rules page for more information for that.

All Minecraft versions 1.7+ are supported

No matter what version of minecraft you’re using from 1.7 - 1.16 it should be supported. The server uses version 1.15 for reference. (An upgrade to 1.16 is planned for mid-2021 if deemed safely possible then)

Operating Costs

Operating costs have been moved to it's own tab on Discord now that it's gotten a bit complicated.

I encourage you to subscribe to our donation tier which is $15/mo, you get in-game perks and discord perks. https://donatebot.io/checkout/781185764343808030. This helps me pay the bills and grow the server. It also allows me to commission or purchase premium plugins which supports other developers.

Aggressive Optimizations

The server has a range of aggressive optimizations in place to try and prevent both lag and hacks or malicious users.

If you spot any errors or false positives please let me know in the Discord chat channel, this also holds true for if you want some restrictions dialed back a bit.

In-Game Help

You can access a simplified in-game help that shows a summarized and shorter version of this help by typing /help in-game.