A large amount of attention and focus is given to anonymity on the server. The system is not perfect so don't rely on it, but it's there to help protect on on an otherwise chaotic server.

It seems most players don't like anonymity so most of the features have been rolled back and deleted. The anonymity features kept are optional and will have to be used by you if you want them.

Auto Nickname Generation

If your first time logging in was between 11/23/2020 and 12/1/2020 then you will have a nickname automatically generated for you. If you are logging in for the first time on or after 12/1/2020 or before 11/23/2020 you won't have a nickname by default.

This masks your real username. Your generated nickname will contain random colors, formatting, and consist of a random Adjective + Noun + 1-4 random digits.

You can, at anytime, generate a new one by using the command /rnick or you can generate an anonymous nickname with the command /anick. If you'd rather set a nickname yourself, use /nick.




Set your own custom nickname


Randomize a nickname with colors and formatting by combining an Adjective + Noun + Random 1-4 digit number (Normal Anonymity)


Randomize a nickname without colors and formatting, generates a 15-digit random number prefixed with "a". The entire nickname is then completely obfuscated with magic formatting. (Maximum Anonymity)

Nicknames are not shown to players as nicknames, this is provided for extra anonymity. This means anybody can use any name. Only your player skin will be a giveaway that it's not your real nickname.

Wide Spawn Area

The spawn area is several million blocks in diameter that you're randomly spawned in.