Code of Conduct

Moderator code of conduct

Moderators are expected to follow these rules and behavior. You are being trusted with higher powers to use for player moderation to protect the server and its community and represent the server as staff.

1. This is not a guilty until proven innocent server. If a player is suspected of being guilty then they are assumed to be innocent until it can be clearly proven guilty

2. You cannot accuse the player of anything without proof first. You have all the tools at your disposal to silently investigate inventory and chests and watch the person before making an accusation.

3. You are expected to behave as a staff member of the server, answer questions, help players out. Your behaviors shows other players what is allowed and expected. Never fuss or complain about stuff in public chat. Please remain professional at all times even when playing as a player.

4. NEVER take moderator action on another moderator unless its an emergency. Its understandable if its a major emergency and I'm not around but you will be questioned as to why you took action on another moderator. (If a moderator is leading a hacker raid, absolutely, if a moderator is being questionable then no). You are expected to have a very good excuse if you kick, silence, ban, or take any moderator action on another moderator.

5. You are expected to become familiar with moderator commands, there's a lot of power even for level 1 at your disposal

6. NEVER release private information on chat. Part of being a moderator means you will see which players get gold, diamonds, etc... This is private information you're seeing. Don't discuss any of this in public chat and don't ever message said player regarding it. It's usually ignored but there if you want to investigate silently and discreetly.

7. Asking players to share some of the gold or other ores with you after you see they got some will immediately get you removed from being a moderator as that is an abuse of power.

8. Using moderator powers to get people into places they shouldn't be or to get yourself in places you shouldn't be will get your rank revoked. That is never ok to do and is an abuse of power.

9. Playing around with roles on Discord or doing stuff in-game or on discord you shouldn't be doing is an abuse of power.

10. Use common sense, don't abuse your power, be respectful and professional and you'll do well ^_^

11. When your playing as a player, you may not use moderator powers to help you out. That is for moderation only. For example, using spectator mode to help x-ray for your in-game character could get you banned from the entire server.