If you don't go through the proper & simple verification process you will be automatically kicked from the server. This is a very simple process but it blocks people who choose to not read and most malicious people.

  1. Read the new player info‚Äč

  2. Wait 10 minutes, this is the part that gets many people, there's a 10 minute timer before you can do anything else. Use this time to read up on things. Doing anything else before getting verified will result in you being auto-kicked and you'll have to start the whole process over again You've been warned!

  3. Go to #verify

  4. Click the verification button

  5. You're done, you're in!

Note: Not following the rules may lead to removal of your @Verified status, and/or to our kicking you, to encourage you to re-read #server-info. You are welcome to do so, reverify, and join us again.

I may use Here & Everyone tags to draw attention to important announcements. If you would prefer not being notified, please adjust your own Discord Settings.

By verifying, you agree to follow all rules stated on here.