In-Game Currency


The game uses a unique currency that uses the symbol ❇ named "Euro Dollars". It was originally unnamed but the player Baras named it.

  • 0.02 Euro Dollars = 1 Emerald

You can get emeralds either by

  • Buying/Selling them with /emeralds <buy/sell> amt

  • Mining them out in the wild

  • Exchanging old currencies with Zon (See below) /warp old-money

  • Exchanging gold and diamond to or from emeralds with Todak /warp money-exchange

  • De-leveling enchant books where you can get paid in gold or emeralds depending on level

Old Currencies

The server has gone through many forms of currency, each currency has exactly the same exchange rate (0.02 = 1 Currency)

Custom currencies were used to close the economy off and allow total control over it to prevent outside interference from Minecraft. They were dropped because it wasn't "Minecrafty", closing the economy off from vanilla blocks and items is, in fact, against Vanilla standards and this is a vanilla+ server that follows Vanilla Standards.


Is located on the first floor of spawn /warp old-money and exchanges all of your old money for you.


The server used to have the concept of coins which was a player head but with a special "coin" texture so it looked like a coin. A lot of work went into it and it was the official server currency for a while until it was discovered buy/sell player shops couldn't use it forcing me to change it.

You can still buy & sell coins if you so choose to, Zon can exchange them for you and you can use /coins <buy/sell> amt

Music Cat Discs

The server switched from coins when player shops opened. A shortcoming of the plugin was in buy/sell type shops, only regular plain vanilla items could be used as a currency rendering coins useless. I was forced to pick something else and decided on Cat Music Discs given their rarity.

This was the shortest lived currency in the game because, an oversight on my part, music discs don't stack, meaning the most anybody could charge for them in player stores is 1.

Used to you could buy them with /discs <buy/sell> amt however this is no longer the case. You can still use them as currency though by exchanging them at spawn with Zon.


Squids were the final & successful attempt at a closed off economy before the economy opened up. Unlike Music Discs they were stackable and they satisfied buy/sell shops because they were a plain vanilla un-special minecraft block or item. They also satisfied a closed off economy because they weren't obtainable.

You can still buy & sell squid eggs if you so choose to, Zon can exchange them for you and you can use /squids <buy/sell> amt

Passive Income

If someone, anyone, has voted for the server in the past 24 hours then every 12 minutes of gameplay you earn ❇0.02, AFK players don't earn anything.

Combat Income

You get paid to fight other players

  • ❇0.02 per 5 player kills

This is doubled if you have the perk "Double PVP Money" which you can only get through voting and doubled if you are fighting in an arena. If you have the perk while fighting in an Arena the 2 doubles stack.

If you lose against players that have double money perk and they gain ❇0.02 then you will gain ❇0.01.

Building Income

For every 64 blocks you place in the Nether that's not related to the nether in any way & for every 64 blocks you place in the End that's not related to the end in any way you get ❇0.01

Note, however, that removing such blocks will not cost you any money but will add an increasing delay til you next payment. If you pick up 5 grass blocks in the end then you have to lay down an extra 5 to get caught up in the payment counter.