December 2020

December 2020 Updates


  • [Change] All server entities are now included in the global entity limit (This means mob-spawners follow the same spawning limit as normal spawning)

  • [Change] Myraid of internal changes related to entities and server overhead

  • [Change] Slimes are more rare (Slimes are spread-out over all chunks rather than in certain chunks)

  • [Change] Mob Spawners have been slowed down

  • [Change] Pillagers are now more rare but still more common than vanilla

  • [Change] Cactus & Sugar Canes now grow to 20 instead of 25

  • [Change] There are now about 21 world seeds from the original 20, some of the

    world seeds now randomize regularly.

  • [Change] Growth is a bit slower

  • [Change] End portals no longer broadcast sound everywhere

  • [Change] Spawn rate of monsters has been dramatically lowered

  • [Change] Monsters and animals will take a little longer to start showing up

  • [Change] Client-side lag is improved

  • [Change] Server view-distance is now at 5 from 7

  • [Change] Hoppers are slowed down a bit, especially many in one chunk

  • [Change] Only 5 mobs per 10 blocks for breeding

  • [Change] Only 5 mobs per 10 blocks for mob spawning

  • [Change] Only 5 TNT Minecarts per 10 blocks can be placed

  • [Change] Dispensers slowed down just a tiny bit

  • [Change] TNT slowed down

  • [Change] A maximum of 5 TNT can be activated within 10 blocks


  • [Change] WorldGuard is now available for players to use to not only protect

    themselves but to be able to get very creative. Flags accessible are based

    on your progress and participation in the game, community, and server.

  • [New] GUI menu system with /menu is mostly all up and running.

  • [New] New Players now see a special GUI on first join.

  • [Change] Teleport Delay is now 5 seconds

  • [Change] /afk is now 30 sec cooldown from 60

  • [Change] /back is now a 5 minute cooldown from 15

  • [Change] /home is now a 5 minute cooldown from 15

  • [Change] /sethome is now a 5 minute cooldown from 15

  • [Change] tpa commands are now 5 minute cooldowns from 15

  • [Note] command cost and cooldown is the bane of my existence


  • [Change] GUI menus were added

  • [Change] New Player GUI Menu was added and opens on new player login

  • [New] HeadsDB (Premium plugin)

  • [New] DeluxeChat (Premium plugin)

  • [New] Rankup (Premium Plugin)

  • [New] DeluxeMenus

  • [Update] mcMMO (Premium)

  • [Update] Internals

  • [Update] HeadsDB (Premium)

  • [Re-Activation] JoinCommands to display special new player menu to players

    upon first login.


  • [Fix] Voting now gives properly scaled money

  • [Change] Griefing is now against the rules

  • [Changed] Created permission ranks and permissions

  • [Change] Discord syncs with the game ranking, nickname, etc...


  • [New] Players can setup their own shop by buying a villager egg from spawn

    (an area or means has not been designated yet)

  • [New] 5% tax applies to player shop transactions

  • [Planned] Addition of permission levels based on active gameplay that will

    unlock hiring of regular villagers and wandering traders to sell your stuff.

  • [New] New plugins allowing for npcs and various roles has been added

  • [Change] Removed /setwarp & /delwarp from players. I needed to regain this

    as the admin because it makes moving around spawn so much easier now that spawn

    is getting bigger. Players are more than welcome to request warps be set though.

  • [Change] Removed all warping cost because warping is now mainly associated with

    spawn and spawn doesnt have warping cost.

  • [Change] Increased private warp cost from 0.01 to 0.02 since players are paid

    in 0.02 increments.

  • [Change] /heal and /feed now cost 0.04

  • [Change] Starting balance is 0.16, the equivelant of 2 emeralds fixing issues

    where players would start out with a heap of money.

  • [Change] /ptime & /pweather are now 0.08, the equivelnt of 1 emerald.


  • [Fix] Glitch that prevented you from naturally losing health at spawn.

    (You are supposed to lose health at spawn still).

  • [Change] Command Cooldowns are brought back, spawn has no cooldown, all command

    costs are gone opening up room for a proper economy.

  • [Change] Money cap is removed

  • [Change] Warp signs are allowed to be created again

  • [Change] Paid money is sent to an ATM

  • [Change] Allowed to access ATM signs

  • [Change] Your now paid 0.02 every 12 minutes with no cap

  • [Change] Paid money for time spent on server is deposited into your ATM

    accessible on the main floor of spawn.

  • [Change] Money is now split into decimal and values are drastically lowered

  • [Change] Starting balance is now 1.00 which carries a long way

  • [Change] Upon request, public warps now cost 0.02 & private warps 0.01. /spawn

    & /back remain free

  • [Change] Added Citizens Plugin

  • [Change] Created official in-game banner

  • [Change] First NPC gives official server banners away at spawn floor 2


  • [Fix] Discord messages now show proper prettier world name "Spawn" instead of

  • [Fix] Custom Quit Message now properly colored

    "imperial_city" and "Nether" instead of "main_nether"

  • [New] In-Game Voice Proximity in Discord

  • [Change] Command cost has been removed, this is tenative and an expirement

  • [Change] Spawn floor 2f signs now say "Player Showcasing"

  • [Change] Opened up new room in spawn

  • [Change] By request from players, /heal and /feed are accessible in-game

    but only once every 30 minutes and at a price of 12.

  • [Change] /broadcastworld now only works for your current world

  • [Change] Max money is now 50

  • [Change] Money now takes decimal, previously only whole numbers

  • [Change] New player annoucement is now colorized

  • [Change] Starting balance is now 25

  • [Change] Custom join, leave, and new player messages.

  • [Change] Spawn enter and leave now has proper coloring

  • [Change] New players now start with a simple survival kit consisting of basic

    tools and a bed.

  • [Change] /spawn has a 10-min cooldown and cost 6 to prevent abuse

  • [Change] Spawn holograms now dynamically update (Like Time, Users online,


  • [Change] Spawn now has no cooldown or cost but you are no longer auto healed

    and fed.


  • [New] Created a spawn world

  • [New] Additional plugins specifically for spawn

  • [Change] Re-added better world prefixes since directly teleporting to worlds

    is now disallowed in favor of Vanilla travel or special commands like spawn.

  • [Change] Initial world configuration for Spawn

  • [Change] Initial world game rules set for Spawn

  • [Change] All command cooldowns have been disabled temporarily to fix a glitch

  • [Update] A number of plugins were updated

  • [Change] Spawn is now live, you now have a spawn structure!!!

  • [Change] A number of other changes I can't keep track of them all for this

    update log.


  • [Change] Sugar Cane now grows to 25 blocks

  • [Change] Voting now has a chance to reward slime balls

  • [Change] Plant growth is now a little bit faster

  • [Change] Vote parties (50 server votes) now reward 2 items to everyone


  • [Fix] Random water drips from ceiling for no reason

  • [Change] Updated Internals

  • [Change] Internals

  • [Change] MOTD


  • [New] mcMMO premium plugin has been added

  • [Removal] The server is de-classified officially as an anrchy server, it's now

    an mcMMO server officially. This is due to players mis-understanding what I

    meant by anarchy.

  • [Change] MOTD

  • [Change] /delhome now only has a 1 second cooldown

  • [Change] /delwarp, /sethome, and /setwarp now have 15-min cooldowns

  • [Change] /help has been largely refactored top-to-bottom

  • [Change] /home now cost ❇3

  • [Change] /sethome now cost ❇6


  • [Fix] /broadcast used to be merged in with /broadcastworld. They are now

    properly separated.

  • [Change] Tweaked internals

  • [Change] /tpaccept now also has a 15-minute cooldown

  • [Change] Starting balance has been changed to 24, this is equivalent to 4

    real-life days played on the server.

  • [Change] Max money has been changed to 42, this is equivalent to 7

    real-life days played on the server.

  • [Change] Lots of command pricing and cooldown has been changed to be more


  • [Change] You now get 6 payouts of ❇1 every 10 minutes up to an hour which

    equals ❇6 per real-life day capped at 1 week.

  • [Change] Changed MOTD


  • [Change] Changed server listing MOTD to be a bit more funny and nostalgic.

    Currently displaying one of the InDev splash messages, the 3rd server feature

    is also just a regular Minecraft feature. Plan to change this more often.

  • [Change] Minor tweaking for performance gain and lower memory consumption

  • [Change] TOO MANY PHANTOM/GHOST VOTES, you must be online now for voting to

    count. It's like I get 5-10 votes a day for invalid players or just voting site

    pings. I went from 0-17 votes in a day when only 1 of those was valid.

  • [Change] Disabled Extra 5 payout. It was supposed to rarely happen but instead

    it happened almost everytime you played at least an hour.

  • [Change] Users start with 25 instead of 50 currency which is the max.

  • [Change] /back, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /tpahere, & /warp are now 15 minute


  • [Change] /broadcast & /broadcastworld are now 1 second cooldowns

  • [Change] /delhome, /delwarp, /sethome, /setwarp, /ptime, and /pweather are

    now 10 minute cooldowns

  • [Change] /hat & /suicide are now 30 second cooldowns

  • [Change] /world has been removed as a command you can use. Use the vanilla

    way to travel worlds.

  • [Change] Hacked clients will now be broadcasted when kicked, punished, or

    banned to deter them. Furthermore check settings have been made more strict

    to help bypass hacked clients who try to fly under the radar and circumvent


  • [Change] All forms of teleport have a contigency plan to ensure a 15-minute



  • [Fix] Fixed issue where the server thinks you're illegally flying when your


  • [Change] Leaf Decay is re-enabled

  • [Change] MOTD and /help is updated to account for Discord and voting

  • [Removal] Designated areas have been removed. It was an interesting idea

    but I feel it breaks both anarchy and vanilla minecraft and thus doesn't fit

    on the server.

  • [Update] Various plugins


  • [Fix] Entry fees and cooldowns were incorrectly applied to players traveling

    to worlds naturally. This has been fixed. Fees and cooldowns should only apply

    to commands.

  • [Fix] Voting giving perks to %player_name% rather than the actual player and thus failing.

  • [Change] Advancements & Death messages re-enabled

  • [Change] Reduced Debug Info re-disabled. I hate to disable this but it does

    no good as I have no way to disable coordinates from hacked clients and most

    people use hacked clients. I feel it would encourage even more people to use

    hacked clients if I kept it enabled.

  • [Change] Player names now appear when hovering over server listing which is

    the normal behaviour.

  • [Change] Tab complete is re-enabled

  • [Change] Phantoms/Insomnia have been re-enabled

  • [Chnage] TNT now moves in water

  • [Change] All chunks are no longer, by default, capable of spawning slimes

    (This is reverting it back to the normal vanilla mechanics)

  • [Change] End credits are now disabled

  • [Change] Internals were adjusted

  • [Change] Randomize Nicknaming is no longer forced on new players, it's kept

    as an option.

  • [Change] Disabled ability to traverse worlds through commands enforcing

    vanilla way or through warps setup by people who also traversed there normally.

  • [Change] Disabled Silent Join & Quit

  • [Change] Disabled warp sign creations

  • [Change] AFK broadcasts have been tenatively enabled

  • [Change] Enabled list commands

  • [Change] Enabled Balance Top commands

  • [Change] Enabled Discord event messages from MC to Discord