January 2020


  • [Update] A number of plugins updated

  • [Change] Monster count has been doubled (Tenative)

  • [Change] Drowned spawn rate back to normal

  • [Change] Animal spawn rate has doubled (Tenative)


  • [New] StackMob

  • [Update] Citizens

  • [Update] Internals

  • [Update] AdvancedRegionMarket

  • [Update] LuckPerms

  • [Update] mcMMO

  • [Update] Head Database

  • [Update] TAB

  • [Change] Mob Stacking happens every 10 seconds in a 5x5x5 area when 5 entities

    are nearby 5 will clump together. This only happens to some entities for specific

    reasons and will not always happen.

  • [Change] Monster count is lowered significantly, however you probably won't

    notice any difference because the way spawns happen is rebalanced completely.

  • [Change] Heavy entity and chunk optimizations

  • [Change] Server Bandwidth is increased a bit to help with both client and

    server side ping.

  • [Change] ViewDistance is lowered a tiny bit


  • [Change] Mob spawners spawn more slowly but can now spawn potentially more


  • [Change] Portals now spawn pigmen near them which is a restored mechanic part

    of normal vanilla MC.

  • [Change] Non-hostile animal count has been lowered a bit

  • [Change] Plants grow a bit faster

  • - [Change] All monsters and animals have increased in count and will spawn much faster

  • - [Change] Mob spawners no longer add to the global mob count increasing naturally spawned monsters

  • - [Change] Mobs spawners spawn much quicker

  • - [Change] Mobs will spawn closer to you whcih is closer to the vanilla way of spawning

  • - [Change] Potentially fixed an issue that causes Elytra to be buggy (maybe)

  • - [Change] Dispensers dispense faster

  • - [Change] Hoppers have doubled in speed


  • [Update] mcMMO has been updated

  • [Update] internals

  • [Change] Mob Spawners are now half the speed they were in the previous update

  • [Change] The global mob limit is now reduced 5 count below Vanilla (Previosuly 15 count above vanilla in the last update)

  • [Change] Mob Spawner crafting is now disabled (You can still pickup, move, and change spawners)