November 2020

November 2020 Updates


  • [New] Creation of official Discord Server (

  • [New] Integration Discord server to the game

  • [New] Creation of Patron Discord role that receives in-game and Discord perks

  • [New] Addition of Voting

  • [Change] Added Discord message to MOTD

  • [Update] Some plugins have been updated


  • [Fix] Skeleton horse army bug has been fixed

  • [Change] Undead horses can now be leashed

  • [Change] Player names now shown on server list like normal

  • [Change] Nickname prefix removed for increased anonymity

  • [Change] Anonymous section added under /help

  • [Change] New players will now have their username randomized

  • [New] Ability to randomize nicknames easily with /rnick and /anick


  • [New] 14+ Recipe Groups were added to allow crafting Horse Armor, Corals,

    End Stone, Stone, Grass, Nametags, Netherrack, Petrified Oak Slab,

    Phantom Membrane, Podzol, Fern, Dead Bush, Oak Slab, and Cross-Conversion

    between several blocks across the 3 worlds. This brings the

    total custom recipes to 304.

  • [Removal] The new horse leather armor recipe was replaced with the old one to

    be in uniform with the other added horse armor recipes.

  • [Change] Beetroot seed recipe has been changed to 12 from 18


  • [New] 9 Recipe Groups were added to allow crafting Mycelium,

    Mushroom Blocks, Saplings, Apples, Beetroot Seeds, Bells, Chainmail,

    Damaged Anvils, and Cob Webs. This is in addition to a previous update which

    allowed crafting Grass Blocks.

  • [Change] Grass growth is now re-enabled in an effort to remove potentially

    unwelcome features. The last update also re-enabled flowing water and lava.


  • [Change] Re-enabled lava & water flow

  • [Change] Re-enabled snow and ice melt

  • [Note] The decision to make these changes was a heavy decision that took

    about 2-3 weeks to decide. It was decided to be in the players best interest

    to re-enable them. While disabled, obtaining cobblestone, stone, and obsidian

    would be too difficult which would end up deterring players.


  • [Update] Changed MOTD clarifying that between server breaks the worlds will

    never be regenerated or changed.

  • [Change] Squids now fly in the air and swim in the water freely


  • [Update] Several server plugins have been updated

  • [Removal] HolographicDisplays has been removed, it's not in the nature of

    vanilla Minecraft or a semi-anarchy server.


  • [Fix] Fixed many of the issues with commands overhaul, I'm actually working

    with the dev to fix the remaining issues as they are plugin limitations.

  • [Update] Commands Overhaul, this is still in-progress however a new command

    system has been put in place overhauling the old system.

  • [Update] Minor updates to server

  • [Change] Other parts of the server have received major overhauls

  • [Change] Recipes to craft grass blocks have been added since grass does not

    spread. Simply mix dirt with either grass, tall grass, bone, bone meal, or

    bone block.

  • [Broken] - /pay doesn't work at all and I'm investigating with the team

    behind it to figure out why.


  • [Change] Spawn now spawns you randomly in a 15x5 million block diameter


  • [Change] Removed generic MOTD informing players of Dec & Jan server downtime.

    Instead developed a plugin to dynamically do the countdown and msg display.

  • [Update] Updated several plugins including Holographic Displays


  • [Fix] Multiverse has a bug where it wouldn't recognize alias names in commands making aliases entirely useless. Aliases have been removed fixing the issue of guessing the real world name to use in commands.

  • [Change] Designated 1 chunk in the overworld in an unspecified place that

    is named "An area of peace". It's still PvP, you can still take damage,

    you're in no way invincible and anybody can grief as usual, however your free

    from mob damage, mobs, weather, even the time is locked to noon. You don't get

    hungry and your health and hunger slowly replinish. It's one chunk large so you

    can imagine anybody that finds it will fight over it. A drawback is chat stops

    working inside the area.

  • [Change] Coordinates and other debug information have been removed from the

    debug screen.

  • [Change] Backup redundancy is largely increased

  • [Change] WorldGuard has been removed as an option to players to prevent various abuse and to stick closely with an anarchy server. This also removes the WorldEdit selection wand as an option to players. This feature may be brought back in the future.


  • [Fix] Docs have been updated to reflect changes

  • [Fix] Death re-spawns you at home or bed if you have one set

  • [Fix] Nickname features and capabilities

  • [Change] A number of teleport cooldowns have been lowered to 10sec

  • [Change] 5% chance you will earn an additional ❇5 that day

  • [Change] An increase in anonymity across the server

  • [Update] ViaBackwards, 1.9 - 1.14 support, has been updated and now works


  • Various other fixes and changes


  • [Fix] Sign, chat, and nickname colors work correctly now

  • [Fix] Nicknames now correctly work with a full 16 character nickname

  • [Fix] /tpr now works as expected

  • [Fix] Achievements broadcast have been correctly silenced for anonymity

  • [Change] Teleport cooldowns have been adjusted from 15 minutes to 10 seconds

  • [Change] Disabled Insomnia, because no

  • [Change] Disabled death messages for anonymity

  • [Update] ViaVersion, 1.16 support

  • [Update] ViaRewind, 1.7 - 1.8 support

  • [Update] TimeIsMmoney

  • [Broken] ViaBackwards, 1.9 - 1.14 support, The recent ViaVerion update has

    broken ViaBackwards, awaiting a ViaBackwards update to re-add support. Most

    players don't connect with clients older than 1.15 so this shouldn't be a