Plugins the Minecraft Server Uses, currently 60 plugins

Premium Plugins

  1. HeadDatabase (Allow everyone easy access many thousands of to custom head databases from either Mojangs really cool stash of head textures or user contributed ones to even live player head textures that have been submitted) [$9.99]

  2. DeluxeChat (Chat control and formatting) [$7.50]

My Plugins

  1. <Direct modification to server code for flying squids> (No Plugins, a custom server jar)

  2. RandomizeNickame,, /rnick and /anick to randomize your nickname instantly

  3. PopupRecipes,, gives the server over 300 recipes

  4. PopupMoneyExchange,, allows the player to exchange money for physical money and vice-versa /coins <buy/sell> <amount>, /squids <buy/sell> <amount>, & /emeralds <buy/sell> amt

  5. DisenchantNPC,, offers traits to Citizens plugin to allow many different kinds of npcs such as a disenchanter or enchant leveler. Its a growing plugin as more npcs are added.

  6. DespawnedItems,, all items on the ground now despawn into chests at spawn

  7. PaidPVP,, get paid to pvp, especially in an arena, and especially with double-money perk received through voting or ranking up.

  8. EoM Countdown,, countdown to players until next server popup. (No longer used and no longer relevant)

  9. EndBeautifier,, help motivate building in the end and bringing in a fresh new look. get paid to place non-end blocks in the end.

  10. SkyFall,, bridges the 3 worlds together.

  11. AreaSpawnLite,, a better random teleportation than RandomSpawnPlus

  12. PMCR, Server-Side PopupMC Rewards Bot No longer used, the Rewards Bot was used in the early days to reward players in Minecraft for talking and playing games on Discord. This was quickly discontinued as players should be rewarded for talking and playing in the game, not on Discord. This will not be open sourced as it contains a communication protocl that needs to remain private.

  13. Shop NPCs,, A horribly named plugin, it registers an npc trait that allows selling of disposable boxes which can be renamed and customized. Intended for player shops to sell bundles or pay later bundles.

  14. April Fools,, A purely cosmetic plugin that modifies quite a lot of packets to the client for funny and sometimes mildly annoying effects.

  15. Join Travel,, New players join very similarly to a single player world. They're placed randomly, the weather is clear, the sun is rising. A special new player menu opens letting them wander and build in SMP or visit spawn.

  16. FloorPaint,, Have fun walking around and painting the floor (A simple fun plugin at spawn that apparently is useless according to ClickError) I had a ton of fun making it.

  17. NoSpawnCoal,, A last measure to ensure players don't stay in spawn if they have no permission to be there but somehow end up there.

  18. AlternativeMOTD,, Generate a vanilla oriented MOTD on every request using vanilla splash messages.

  19. VariableHealth,, Mobs, excluding Ender Dragon and Wither, have variable health.

Free Plugins

  1. Clearlag (Help mitigate server lag)

  2. Core Protect (Allow me to reverse any block or entity changes from players or entities)

  3. DiscordSRV (Mesh Discord with Minecraft deeply)

  4. EssentialsX (Stuff that should be in Vanilla MC)

  5. HolographicDisplays (Floating text or image holograms / simple animations)

  6. Holographic Extensions (More complex and awesome animations plus other stuff)

  7. Holographic Placeholders (Better placeholder support)

  8. JoinCommands (Commands to run when you join the server)

  9. LuckPerms (Complex permission system)

  10. MPCommandSettings (Allows me to charge for and manipulate commands. I'm working with the author to provide new updates)

  11. Multiverse (Allows me to manage worlds in a way not remotely possible in vanilla minecraft)

  12. NuVotifier (Allows me to receive votes with a voting plugin)

  13. OpenInv (Allows me to navigate around, search for, look inside, and alter any players inventory or chest/enderchest)

  14. Placeholder API (Allows me to insert all kinds of variables into text, such as number of votes or world time at spawn in the holograms)

  15. Plugman (Allows me to manipulate plugins live, not all that useful tbh as Minecraft really sucks at doing anything while the servers running)

  16. ProtocolLib (Allows plugins to manipulate the communication between each of the clients individually on a deep and complex level. Basically allowing you to see stuff specific to you and only you or letting you see stuff in a way others cant)

  17. RandomSpawnPlus (A somewhat shotty plugin that works for now, responsible for randomly spawning you in the world over vast distances and is superior to Vanilla Minecraft, working with a different programmer to make a better one)

  18. ShopKeepers (Allows custom NPC traders and works with Citizens plugin)

  19. SilkSpawners (Allows mining mob spawners)

  20. SuperVanish (You can't see me, I'm also not on the player lists, silent join and leave)

  21. TimeIsMoney (Get paid for just playing while not AFK)

  22. TouchScreenHolograms (Clickable/Interactable Holograms)

  23. Vault (Money and Permission plugin)

  24. ViaBackwards (Allows Minecraft versions 1.9 to 1.14 to connect and play)

  25. ViaRewind (Allows Minecraft versions 1.7-1.8 to connect and play)

  26. ViaVersion (Allows Minecraft version 1.16 to connect and play)

  27. WorldEdit (Mass block changes)

  28. WorldGuard (Mass block advanced protections)

  29. NametagEdit (Name tag formatting)

  30. ImageOnMap (Rendering images from the internet onto maps in much higher resolutions than otherwise achievable in-game)

  31. AdvancedRegionMarket (Sell/Buy/Rent/Lease regions)

  32. Sentinel (Guards & Other more capable npcs than standing or walking around)

  33. GeyserMC (Allow Bedrock players to connect) [Currently on the beta server]

  34. FloodGate (Allow bedrock players to connect with an XBOX Live account) [Currently on the beta server]

Planned Plugins

  1. CraftBook (A fantastic plugin that overhauls so much of the world and mechanics for the better) - The team has let the project really go downhill and they even admitted to releasing badly broken plugins for 1.15. They decided to scrap support for 1.15 and rewrite the plugin for 1.16 but I guess we'll see if it's any better or not after the upgrade.

  2. DyanmicSigns (Signs brought to life with animation, variables, color, and dynamic updates) I LOVE IT!!! [$5.52]