Server rules

I want to just say

Play Minecraft and enjoy the game, don't do anything wrong, be an awesome person, and enjoy an awesome community and be the same awesome person in Discord.

However I've come to realize I have to clarify a bit

This server is a serious survival server that remains very close to vanilla/regular/normal Minecraft. It's an open sandbox world for you to explorer and enjoy. It's not a place for any level of toxicity or drama or malicious players.

  • No hate, no drama. This is NOT the place for Controversial Subjects. Don't. Common sense is appreciated. I WILL Maintain Server Peace.

  • Stay Family Friendly (suitable for 13+) : including pictures, language, avatar, & nicknames.

  • Listen to me. Arguing will get you muted and may result in further actions like a kick or ban. No Mini-Modding: let me handle issues. You can bring issues you see to my attention. Please reach out if anything makes you uncomfortable!

  • Do not overuse emoji in chat or your name on Discord, I need to be able to mention you.

  • Do not spam DM users, report unwanted DM spamming to me or a moderator. Do not dm members on the Discord server at all unless they have asked for it. DM me only if you need to privately discuss something related to the game or discord server.

  • Do not post discord server invites to other servers. This is not an advertising server. With that said don't post Minecraft server advertising either. None of this on my Discord server or Game Server.

  • Do not use excessive mentions on Discord

  • Be respectful and considerate of other players, don't antagonize or annoy other players and don't disrespect other players

  • No hacked clients because this screws over people that don't have hacked clients and removes most of the challenge of the game. (There are some allowed hacks and client-side mods, visit this page to learn more)

  • No circumventing restrictions in the game for the same reasons. It compromises the server which affects everything and removes the challenges.

  • Nothing that breaks US & Canadian laws and that breaks Discords TOS. This is out of my control.

  • Cussing is allowed but lightly and with moderation, again just be respectful and use common sense.

  • No Griefing!!!

  • No Respawn Camping or Trolling

  • No Whining

  • No Unconstructive Complaining - There just to complain or call things stupid rather than offering helpful feedback or suggestions and understanding if I don't want to implement all of them.

  • No Attention Seeking - Not really there for and other reason than to get attention

  • No Begging - As in total refusal to play the game, just there for free handouts or to beg to get something

  • No Nagging

  • No Unwanted PVP Beating up random people when they didnt want it and thus making the game not fun for them (Playful PVP doesn't count, I know a lot of people beat up there friends on the game randomly just for laughs and both sides don't care, this is only for when its unwanted and you're doing it anyways)

  • No Griefing

  • No Politics

  • No Religion

  • No X-Ray

  • No Hacks (Same as no hacked clients mentioned above, there are some allowed hacks and client-side mods, visit this page for that list)

  • No Stealing from others

  • No Overly Cussing

  • No Hate Speech

  • No Slurs

  • No Discrimination

  • No Toxcitiy to the community

  • No Spamming

  • No Excessive use of all caps (This does not mean mistakenly using all caps, I use all caps by mistake lots of times lol because the shift key is right under the caps key -.-) and I tolerate the very occasional all caps. This is for people who are intentionally spamming all caps.

  • Refusal to play game - if you join my server, you join to play a plain simple vanilla+ SMP Minecraft. Refusal to play the game and to instead expect the admin and/or others to play it for you while you run around in circles, spam chat, nag players, and beg will cause you to get perma banned. This is the single most infuriating thing for me and I have absolutely zero tolerance for it on my server!

  • No chat, avatar icons on Discord, links, creating, or anything in any form on the game server or Discord may be related to in any way or shape: Bestiality, Pedophilia, Rape, Incest, Discrimination, Racism, Trolling, Bullying, Shaming, Politics, Religion, Porn/Adult content.

As I said above, just play the game normally, have fun, be awesome, and you'll do fine.

Literally all the rules have to do with stuff not related to your normal gameplay and just general manners, play the game normally and just not be, that person, and you're ok and have a whole world to explorer.

I don't do jails, I don't do temporary bans, I don't do kicks. The result is usually a perma ban on first offense. Why? Because you've already proven that you cannot be trusted on my server and you've proven who you are as a person on my server. Simply kicking you, giving you a warning, or putting you in jail isnt going to change anything about you.

Making one of these offenses tells me all I need to know about you. Very rarely will I make exceptions from time to time.