Secret Bases


Secret bases have a long history but, today, they are monthly events that happen often at the end of the month. Once found, players can fight past its defenses and claim all the loot and grief it.


At first they were just areas for me to build on the server before the server had any players. Then they were areas I hoped would be griefed one day if a player ever discovered them. Then they became server attractions for emerald rank and were ungriefable. Then they became griefable again, one of the bases was relocated with World edit, the bases were advertised, and eventually got their own listing page. Eventually they were fortified with custom bosses and an armada. Finally a system was laid out and they became a server event. Shortly after a warp system was put in place initially within 10k blocks but then within 5k blocks so that secret bases could be anywhere but still have to be searched for.

Secret bases 1 & 2 were created the first week the server opened and as such were never designed to be a server event with armed guards. They were designed to be unexpectedly found by players who happened to be in the right area. They were later retro-fitted to be for a server event but the fact that they were never designed for it shows.

Secret Base #3 was created January in an effort to expand the number of secret bases but, again, it wasn't armed and guarded until later on and even then was armed with the first revision defenses.


  • Version 1: Shulkers were placed everywhere in mass numbers

  • Version 2: Shulkers and custom NPCs from guards to mini-bosses were placed everywhere in mass numbers but custom NPCs were lightly placed given the power they had

  • Version 3: Only NPCs and certain mobs were placed in mass numbers, less so custom NPCs because of the power they had. Shulkers were entirely banned from secret base defenses as was a number of mobs.

Treasure & Loot

  • Version 1: A few treasure chests were added with simple stuff like some blocks and rails, one of them was hidden, a few contained some rare ores in small numbers.

  • Version 2: More chests were added and were overloaded with stacks upon stacks of precious ores, metals, and many dozens of items

  • Version 3: Even more chests were added this time a great many were concealed. Introduction of god items, weapons, potions, etc... were added including 2-3 of every single overpowered enchantment possible.

  • Version 4: The loot was harshly dialed back, a few custom enchants, a few custom potions, many blocks and precious ores but nowhere near the amount of version 3.

  • Version 5: The loot was dialed back even further. Normal loot chests were added that use the same loot table as End City or other loot tables. Maybe 1 or 2 custom chests, only a small handful of items, often only containing a small amount of god items.


  • One Elytra is guaranteed

  • God Items are guaranteed

  • End City Loot chests are guaranteed on version 5 and up bases


  • nubnub2 was the servers first Emerald rank and the servers first champion - as a result, nubnub2 was the very first player and only player to visit secret base #2 in the very short time it was a non-griefable public attraction to emerald ranks back before it had defenses or armed guards. This is the reason secret base #2 was relocated after it became griefable again.

  • Secret base #2 was originally at coordinates 1285, 1285 because my favorite number is 1285.

  • Secret base #2 was actually the first secret base although they werent really numbered. When they were numbered it became #2 because I ordered the Overworld above The End

  • Secret Base #2 was built in the end because I felt The End is never used for anything much and i hoped to encourage end building.

  • Secret Base #1 was built in the side of a mountain as an experiment to build a concealed base with water entrance given the water wouldnt move. and could act as a hidden door. This was back when water and lava didnt flow at the start of the server. The experiment was a great success and it was intended to become a home to me but never did.

  • Secret Bases 1-3 are the first 3 bases and considered the in-development bases often built before "Secret Bases" was even a thing as we know it now. All the experimentation and development happened in these 3 bases that lead and shaped the future of how they are to be designed and what they are to become on the server.

Secret Bases

Secret Base #1

World Overworld Appearance Completely Concealed, Not visible from outside Quadrant Positive X, Positive Z Y 61 Radius from center >10 million & <14 million Size ~1,904 blocks Defenses: Version 3 Loot: Version 4

Taken before Discovery

Secret Base #2 (Discovered)

Discovered by FireCreeper3223

World The End Appearance Grass and Dirt top that contains a large farm of random animals that's easily spottable, badly copied and pasted within an existing end island with other islands around it. Quadrant Positive X, Negative Z Y 60 Radius from center Less than 15,000 blocks and greater than 10,000 blocks on both x & z Size ~2,624,292 blocks Defenses: Version 3 Loot: Version 3 Discovered Coordinates: 10820, 29, -11305

Secret Base #3 (Discovered)

Discovered by MightyClaws

World Overworld Appearance Completely concealed, not visible at all from outside, no entrance in Quadrant Negative X, Negative Z Y 69 Radius from center >10 million & <13 million Size 660 blocks Defenses: Version 1 Loot: Version 1 Discovered Coordinates: Private/Unlisted/Anonymous

Taken after Discovery