Special Perks


You can go a step further and support both the server and game server. This would be a phenomenal contribution as it greatly helps me pay the bills and grow both the Discord and game servers.

Patronage is $15/mo but you can always donate more.

  1. Visit the server store https://donatebot.io/checkout/781185764343808030 or generate a personal link by entering the command donation on Discord. (Personal links fill in step 2 for you automatically).

  2. Select your Reward Username this is very important to get credit for the donation! (Unless you want an anonymous donation)

  3. Click the Subscribe with Paypal button. Patrons get these benefits:

  • A special Patron and Supported role

  • My sincerest appreciation for taking a deep interest in my Discord and game servers.

  • If you ever stop your patronage, you will retain the Supported role indefinitely. The role will indefinitely give you some of the perks and notable status.

  • You will gain the ability to self-advertise so long as you have the Patron role. Existing content will always be kept even if you stop your patronage but new listings cannot be made until you have the Patron role back.

  • Read about the in-game perks here.

As the server and game grow, this list of benefits will grow.

Discord Server Boosting

Nitro User? Consider Boosting the Server! Not only does it help support the server, but you'll gain access to some cool perks including:

  • A cool Booster role!

  • My appreciation for helping support the Server!

  • Read about in-game perks here

Discord <=> Minecraft Linking

You can optionally link your Minecraft account with Discord.

  1. Inside Minecraft while playing on the Minecraft Server, issue the command /discord link

  2. It tells you to DM a number to the bot PopupMC Chat on the Discord Server

  3. DM the bot that number

  4. Your game is linked and you will get a special Game Linked role!

Linked games receive these perks:

  • A special Game Linked role

  • My appreciation for taking a deeper interest in the Server

  • Read about in-game perks here