I've increased the spawn radius from ~25 blocks to several million blocks in every direction and any player who leaves spawn and enters the main world will randomly respawn in this area.

You will spawn randomly in a spawn ring that sits at the 15 millionth block and extends inward 5 million blocks. Beyond that, the first 10 million blocks from the world center is a no spawn area and past the 15 million block area is a no spawn area meaning traversing on foot or using public/private warps or player-to-player teleportation.

Initial Joining

When joining the server you will start at spawn and when ready to start your adventure will respawn in the world randomly within a large radius.

Death without a set home or bed

You will re-appear at spawn and will have to randomly re-join once again in a different area. Always use /sethome to prevent this!

Death with a set home or bed

You will be moved to your first home and if not one set your first bed.

Using the /spawn command

Brings you back to spawn